Friday, February 16, 2018

Sule - Love Me (Country Swing)

Sule - Love Me (Country Swing) 

Sule’s new single “Love Me” is the next logical step in a career that’s seen this great Quebec based singer move from being a valued collaborator with some of pop music’s best performers, a high profile appearance on Canadian tv’s equivalent of The Voice, La Voix, and now another important peak in his solo career with the release of this latest single. 

The single recalls a clear strand of Americana influenced by classic country, particularly the once wildly popular swing style, while still manifesting aspects of jazz and blues throughout the entirety of the song. There’s palpable confidence coming off this tune and it never strains for its effects – instead, it’s tailored to a perfect length and there isn’t a single false musical or vocally note struck throughout the song. “Love Me” is a wonderful single for Sule to open 2018 and promises his year will be a big one in his burgeoning solo career.  
The song, on the whole, seems a little unassuming, but that’s part of its charm. Sule definitely occupies a big chunk of the song’s imaginative and emotional space, but his vocal performance is definitely delivered with an ear towards complementing the track rather than leading the way and bending the sonic elements to his singing will. It’s really pleasing to hear his voice bob and weave through the emotional terrain generated by the arrangement and he sounds sure of himself throughout rather than relying on over-cooked theatrical moments to earn the listener’s attention. His voice is obviously very powerful and certainly capable of showstopper moments, but he never falls into the trap of laying on the histrionics and obscuring the rich instrumental backing he benefits from. Few singles, ever, are as well rounded as “Love Me” while still touching on an universal theme and narrative that anyone can relate to. 

Anyone will relate to this musical arrangement despite the rarity of the style in modern pop, Americana, or country. It has an affability that you don’t often hear from any form and, thus, makes it instantly relatable on a variety of levels and, despite its Americana influenced pedigree, this is a solid pop song as well that happens to utilize an unusual style. Much of the musical value for this song is built around its melodic strengths and the acoustic guitar that’s a constant presence in the song from the first, but there are other elements as well that make it an even more appealing listen. While the players are obviously top shelf talents, they are working for the song from the first rather than trying to garner the listeners attention with misplaced skill and everything they do enhances and play off well against Sule’s vocal. Few songs you hear in 2018 will present such a complete experience like Sule’s “Love Me” and its revisiting of the country swing style is wholly credible and entertaining.  

Dale Butcher

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