Monday, July 16, 2018

Edenn – “Thinking”

Edenn – “Thinking”

His birth name is Edem Kodjo Azuma and he hails from Lome, Togo. Edenn is now a European-based singer, songwriter, fashion designer and screenwriter. It’s no doubt then, that his artistic stamp on the spellbinding debut single “Thinking” leaves its mark on the listener.

Trapped between an electronic pop and neo soul fusion, “Thinking” has its place in the modern music soundscape. Edenn’s lyrics are simple and straight-forward (“I’ve been thinking about ya”) of which he repeats quite a few times. He’s not so much so lazy in his delivery in as much as his vibe is laid back and reflective. He’s genuine without being overbearing. This song is very modern and is going to sound very computerized to some. Some might call it more style than substance. Maybe it is overproduced? That’s okay, Edenn still creates a lasting image and sound gifts for the listener. I think Edenn’s style is unique and his substance is growing.

Besides, do you really want to think too much when you’re listening to a song called “Thinking”? Probably not!

What I liked most about “Thinking” was the actual music bed. Edenn’s beats have a wavering sound and seem to tag team off of each other after each measure. I think there’s a fine balance of the back and forth between the vocals and the simple lyrics. This song is never boring, that’s for sure. Some dance-pop songs can sound over aggressive or even abrasive; Edenn doesn’t fall into this trap. It’s as if he’s protecting the listener and lifting them up on a pedestal. I think some pop songs can sound too sacronistic or even too cutesy. He doesn’t follow this path. Thank goodness.

I was surprised not to hear other African or West African influences in the music. Maybe that’s Edenn’s reflection on the past – and he’s looking brightly into the future. Or, maybe that breezy, oceanic feel is how he remembers Togo. One could easily get lost imagining these things. That’s another reason I really dug the song – it kept my mind churning out several scenarios.

As mentioned above, his style is being carved out before our ears and I think his background in journalism, screenwriting and certainly fashion are incredible tools in achieving his goals. He really connected with me as a listener.

If’ you’re looking for a sensory explosion, you won’t find it in “Thinking.” Rather, it’s a slow build, but a solid and persistent build at that. I liken this song to many of the pop music’s top hits right now – it fills a spot and a need that people are really craving. And, Edenn does it very well. He’s not showy. He’s humble and it shows.

Geoffrey Chamness 

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