Monday, November 14, 2016

Alessandro Coli - I Betcha'

Alessandro Coli - I Betcha' 

Alessandro Coli’s journey to musical stardom began with his discovery of Queen’s music at the age of ten and reached its first peak with his appearance on the Italian television talent show Io Canto at the age of fifteen. He released his first Italian language single in 2011, “Sento Che”, rocketed to the top of the Italian radio charts in only ten days and lingered in the Top 30 for over a month. Sony Music subsequently released his first digital EP “Senza Paura”. His first American release in early 2016 “Flames” showed that his music has appeal that spreads far beyond the European continent with its strong showing in the Billboard Dance Club charts and the new release “I Betcha” shows all the elements of important growth that expanding his career requires and is a top shelf dance pop track that engages the mind as well as the body.  

The core of the song is Coli’s vocal. It takes a good and causally phrased lyric and vividly dramatizes it without ever milking the material for melodrama. Rueful breakup songs are quite common and, unfortunately, the approaches taken to these songs by a vast majority of their authors varies little, but Coli is extremely personal and knows how to put that across to listeners in an uncluttered and relatable way. The music strengthens everything further. The typical formula for this form is that the music takes precedence over the lyrics, but Coli overturns the formula by putting these qualities on equal footing and tailoring each to complement the other. The mounting air of the song is expertly handled, never rushing its climatic final effect, and Coli shows the same patience by carefully and rhythmically following it closely. 

Chris Rodriguez produced Coli’s first English language single and this second stab into America features the same solid musical judgment about presentation. It’s another complementary element in the musical mix that helps push this much further over the top than “Flames”. There’s a sense of momentum that’s undeniable in the song and mimics the same gathering steam that is pushing Coli harder and harder into the future. The song’s length is absolutely perfect and shows the kind of focus that the genre demands to hold the attention spans of dancers. Everything else after that is spectacularly tasty gravy. 

Passion always spurs the greatest artists, regardless of medium. Musical artists are often some of the most passionate in the arts and often, in our modern age, those artists are inspired by older musicians at a very young age. The turning point of Alessandro Coli’s nineteen years came with discovering his father’s Queen collection when he was only ten years old. Freddie Mercury’s iconic artistry fired the spirit to create and share his own voice with the world and that inspiration continues to push him into the future with strength and artistry.   

Charles Hatton

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