Friday, September 8, 2017

Bunny Sigler – Angel Eyes

Bunny Sigler – Angel Eyes 

Bunny Sigler dates back a long time as a producer and recording artist, from the Philly soul variety of R&B to all this time later crossing over to jazz with the release of Young At Heart. The first single is “Angel Eyes” which covers the Ella Fitzgerald song. His name should ring bells because he’s been working with artists like Curtis Mayfield and others since he started. This album combines R&B with jazz and the single is wisely chosen to show how well he pulls it off. There is no question the answer is yes. And that says everything about his effort to remake something with integrity. This isn’t something to turn your nose up at, it’s the real deal, so if you’re expecting a run of the mill rendition, think again. The video should be seen to further entice readers of what a beautiful version it is. The audio stands more important but sometimes a promo goes the distance too, with some great scenery to keep it interesting. But don’t let it distract you from the bigger picture. This is best experienced on headphones, so watching the video with them is recommended. Otherwise make sure to give it a listen without looking. You can hear the smoke with or without seeing it.

If you like his work this will come as no surprise, and it can turn anyone onto Bunny Sigler as well. You get everything with no added ingredients to muck it up. A male version she would be proud of, and that’s part of the magic of this whole experiment. I am a huge lover of songs with the mention of menu items, so I have always liked the track but he seriously takes it to another level. Not to say that is above the queen of jazz, but certainly no slouch himself, even if he is new to straightforward jazz. It sounds like he’s been doing it all his life though, so it’s in his blood already. 
The coolest part about his voice is the low register parts, it’s truly gifted how he goes just about everywhere on the map as well. The vocal performance itself is something to marvel at alone, and that should be the case when taking on someone so strong. Sometimes you want to go even higher or lower because the memory of the song is so powerful you overdue it on a cover, but he never overdoes it. When a song is mesmerizingly hypnotic in the first place it has a laid-back vibe that can take being in the mood to get used to. But not this, it’s on from his first breath. It never loses interest from there.

What more can you say about such a classy song and classy singer. It should be heard far and wide, and the album should get airplay if the rest of it is as extraordinary as this. Lovers of both jazz and R&B music can relate better than most, so the album should satisfy his fans and this single should whet plenty of appetites and lift every spirt that hears it. This is where two worldly legends meet, one of them alive or not. If it doesn’t pump your blood for more, the LP won’t be for you. But if-not you’ll get everything out of it that you put into listening. His grand signature is written all over it with jubilance. 

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