Thursday, July 6, 2017

Elle Casazza

Elle Casazza  

Do you want to transfer yourself to the period of an early 20th century? Do you like the track and vocals of that period? If yes then Elle Casazza’s new single “Too Bad” from the album “Proof” is something that would draw your attention immediately.
This flavorful song has a terrific and aesthetic feel of the late 80s and early 90s summertime. The song written by Elle Casazza herself has an amazing charm and a distinguished fascination attached to it. Appearing in the video, created by Bummer Camp Media, is the singer herself along with her girl squad that includes Alexandra Olsavsky and Sofia Porter-Castro. Xavier Galdon (Trombone), Caleb Mitchell (Trumpet) and Kyle Madsen (Saxophone) did a wonderful job with their instruments to touch your heart and soul.  
With a beach party vibe, the song is filled with an extraordinary energy, which will lead you to tap your foot and shake your head in its tune as it rings in your ear.  
Exploring the early 20th century’s music and sound, from its opening verse itself, the style presented in the accompanying video adds to the confidence of Elle Casazza’s voice, which gives an additional high-point for you to get hooked on the song. You can’t call her retro because of the livelihood and fresh touch that it provides you with. The playful nature and the bouncy element of the music will attract you tremendously.  
Together with the instrumentalists and musicians, the singer was able to create a familiar yet a unique piece of music to touch everyone’s heart and soul. The classic look and the energetic summertime feel of “Too Bad” add freshness to your playlist. The sweet and reminiscent style adopted by the singer will never miss a chance to blow your mind. 
The rhythm and the melody of the song replicate its simplicity and take you step by step in the world of addictive tunes. The artist’s voice excellently complements the music that sounds soothing to your ears and would attract positive vibes to you. 
Music has always served as the mind-booster for everybody. It has always helped people to fill themselves with positive energies and exotic feel. With “Too Bad”, you get to experience the same kind of freshness and vibrancy in your playlist that allures you always. The clean music and the explicit charm attached with the song is a splendid Proof of the artist’s marvel and excellence.
Creatively, the entire element of the song, be it the video, the effects, the voice or the music, everything combined together, presents an awesome piece of music, which stands tall in the music industry. Playing with all your senses, this piece of music is unadulterated and musically sounds an apt partner of you for every beach party. If you love to add vividness to your playlist, then you can never go wrong with the choice of Elle Casazza’s Too Bad! Enjoy a loving time with this piece of music and dive in the ocean of melodies with this one-of-its-kind artist’s musical creation.  

Meta Description: Elle Casazza's new single, Too Bad from the album Proof, reflects the vividness and class of the artist's voice and her poignant style. 

9/10 Stars 

Henry Robbins 

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