Saturday, July 22, 2017

Kayzyak – 'Happy Camping''

Kayzyak – 'Happy Camping''
The Kazyak is one of those rare bands that overflow your soul with amazement once you open your doors to their stream of beautiful sounds and rhythm. The Minneapolis-based band’s new album ‘Happy Camping’ is set to be released on the 20th of July 2017, which is forecasted to be a beautiful sunny day in Minneapolis. As well as choosing a beautiful weather to release their second Ep, Kazyak presents us with warm string arrangements composed of soothing electric guitars, drums and violins that is guaranteed to lift you into the musical paradise. 
The band leader, Peter Frey is a creative indie rock Songwriter and Guitarist based in Northeast Minneapolis, the band also consist of Lana Bolin (Bass), Pat Hayes (synth, piano), Nick Grewe (drums). The previous Band Ep, “See the Forest, See the Trees” released in May 14, 2013 was well received by music critics. Mr Frey and the band succeeded in delivering a well-written and composed 6-track masterpiece.  
“See the Forest, See the Trees” was a beautifully written piece that displayed Peter Frey’s passion for fairy tales and fables. This musical group clearly does not have a problem connecting entirely to nature as evident from their beautiful melodies.  Frey’s new creation is not the kind of song you would want to rock your body to, I would say it is the perfect company for creative tasks like painting, drawing, when you want to go out with family, friends, loved ones or you are on a nature-driven soul-searching drive. 
Before I wrote this review, I was on an 8 hours’ drive to see mum and girlfriend back home in Indianapolis. I was quickly serenaded by the first track on the album, ‘Sacred Cow’. The song infused me with soft and heartfelt rhythms as I connected the lyrics of the song to my memories of finding myself in our world. I applaud the choice of this song as the opener to the album because it sets the mood for the rest of the album.  
Following Sacred cow is ‘Sundial’. Sundial channelled the energy I attained from Sacred cow into a more realistic dimension in which you would be able to connect to the story being told. Reassuring me of who I was and where I was coming from. Next was ‘Basin’, which I would describe as a voice telling me that "you are not superman, but that is ok".  
The roller-coaster of songs went on and on till the last track ‘Happy Camping’ which encouraged you to continue in that quest for happiness, I personally interpreted Frey’s last part of the song as you should always remember your success when you are thinking about all the time you have failed in life. So, I would like to thank Frey for accompanying me on that long trip and the romantic date I was inspired to take my girlfriend on later that night. 
The Happy Camping is heartfelt and soulful. The delivery is precise and each song transcends into the next so naturally. The narration is very expressive, as Frey’s famous fables takes the listener to a world of his or her own.  
We’re rating Kazyak - Happy camping a solid 5-star. It’s a beautiful continuation from their previous ‘See the Forest, See the Trees’. I am looking forward to seeing one of their shows whenever they are in town.
Tom Simpson

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