Thursday, November 15, 2018

Rob Alexander’s Long Road Coming Home


From the melodies created by the timber of his voice making contact with the glistening notes of a piano or guitar to the organic tonality of his compositions themselves, adult contemporary artist Rob Alexander’s music is all about harmony. In the fourth single and title track from his album Long Road Coming Home, audiences are treated to an intimately crafted exhibition of Alexander’s knack for harmony in high definition audio that is cushioned by a lush production that doesn’t smother any of the singer’s rich textures in unnecessary frills. Unlike many other pop songs released in 2018, “Long Road Coming Home” isn’t a ballad that focuses on where we’re going, but rather where we’ve been. Contemplative and personal, this track strikes me as one cultivated in the emotions of its composer and not the commercial side of his medium.

Rob Alexander’s latest single is stylishly produced with a colorful polish that allows it to blend in well with contemporary pop music, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it doesn’t stand out in a lineup. Alexander’s vocal performance is driven by the heartfelt prose in the words of the song, which at times feel more like an internal monologue than they do lyrics. It’s almost as if we’re seeing things from his point of view, watching a black and white reel of his experiences and are inevitably led to agree with him that it is indeed “a long way down this rocky road.” As tough as the journey he describes may be, the comforting sway of his voice reminds us that he’s going to be right there by our side from beginning to end.

There’s a cosmopolitan, streamlined feel to the mix of “Long Road Coming Home” that makes it feel much more relevant and modern than it would if it had received less elaborate treatment behind the soundboard. There’s never any doubt that Alexander’s gilded vocal track is the star of the show, but the mix doesn’t sacrifice the contributions of the additional instrumentation to give his singing the spotlight. I like the evenness of the bass and the middle; too often pop singers favor more of a scooped EQ when they record soft rock and end up cheapening their sound as a result, but that isn’t the case with this song.

He’s proven himself to be a great singer and songwriter, and in “Long Road Coming Home” Rob Alexander adds another splash of character to his evolving musical persona, which has been quite fascinating to watch develop. It may not be the most exciting breakout song of 2018, but it’s unquestionably a true original from an authentically gifted performer who is picking up quite a positive reputation in his local Floridian scene and nationally as well. If you enjoy smooth vocal music that is accompanied by easy listening instrumentals that put more emphasis on tone than they do on vibrato and sheer volume, I’d recommend checking out this track and the record it takes its name from the next time you’re in the market for new music.


Anthony Silver

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