Thursday, May 28, 2020

“Midnight Cowboy” by Antherius

In his surreal adaptation of the iconic “Midnight Cowboy,” Antherius combines atmospheric melodies with profoundly crisp beats for what could be one of the smarter new indie videos of the season. Originally recorded a few years ago, Antherius’ “Midnight Cowboy” finds a second wind this spring courtesy of a COVID-19-inspired music video lamenting the ambience of a now-deserted New York City. Sonically one of the more provocative numbers I’ve heard in this artist’s discography, it’s easily among the more intriguing listens I would recommend to fans of instrumental music in 2020 without question. 

The music video for “Midnight Cowboy” stimulates all of our senses at once whilst paying tribute to the cosmopolitan lights of New York City, but its true centerpiece is its soundtrack. Strangely elegant and yet cutting and evocatively stoic in a couple of its most exciting moments, the rhythm of the song is defined by a synthetic harmony as grand as the Long Island Sound. While there’s a lot more indulgence in this variation on the composition than some mainstream fans might be prepared for, it’s completely necessary to maximizing the catharsis of the harmony here. Antherius is a very methodical player, and if that wasn’t clear before, it should be when other critics get ahold of this latest document. 

Though the year has been filled with strife in ways that most of us wouldn’t have fathomed back in 2019, Antherius nevertheless delivers an ambient gem in “Midnight Cowboy” seemingly perfect for the times we’re living in. You don’t need an extensive background with experimental artistry to find something to love about this track and its postmodern music video, but if you’ve got a taste for the surreal, it’s a tough release to top right now. Whether isolated or in the company of friends and family, “Midnight Cowboy” has the sonic capacity to whisk away your worries on the spot this May. 

Scottie Carlito

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